Sunday, August 1, 2010

Workouts Aug 1, 2010


The Upper Loop in Central Park. It's asserted that it's 5.1 miles, and I'm not sure if I ran the exact route, but if I did, I ran this:

Upper Loop - Central Park NYC

5.1 miles - 38:30 ( 7:33 per mile). Given that there's lots of hills, I think I may have run less (as in something a little less than the UpperLoop), certainly I felt fast but it's been years since I ran outdoors. This was a first long outdoor run with my Vibrams and I was wearing my Oakley Thump Pro sunglasses. Both performed well; well the Oakleys did. I have some blisters on my feet but nothing I haven't dealt with before. All of the thousands of miles of treadmill running has made me decent on flats, downhills are for recovery and I think the OHS work partially offsets the weakness on uphills.

I do know that the uphills were attacked better than in the past. However, it worked out, I knew i use to run this route in 42 - 45 mins in the early 2000s, so there's been vast improvement. I will try to make this weekly and the outside temperature was mid 70s and overcast, pretty ideal for a first-time run.

I basically did nothing on July 31,2010 except listen to Best Coast's "Crazy For You" and tried to do 100 push-ups within the timeframe of "I Want To" on the aforementioned album. I got to 98 before collapsing. I know when I was in my early 20s I could do 300+ in a session with the initial set being 120 + or - 10 for miscounting.

I probably weigh just around 180# right now. If I can get down to 170# I think I can start doing some rec races but nothing more than 5K.

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