Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Workout 8-2-2010

August 2nd, 2010

6 mi - 44:50 (Woodway Eq 33)
88# Kettlebell Swing x 20

The hottest trainer, her name is . . . like hell I'm blogging that, we'll call her Aryana gave me a thumbs up after I finished my run or maybe it was during the run. She gave me the thumbs up the other day after I did a set of incline bench presses of 235# (heart flutters).

After I was done with the run, I cycle through a few songs on the Nano and then walked over to the floor where the kettlebells are kept. I think I nearly herniated after grabbing the 40 kg KB. The goal is to rest/recover for about 5 minutes and then finish the day with 20 swings of the heavy bell.

And, coincidentally, Aryana and two other trainers were strategically positioned such that, if she wanted, she could get a view. Great motivation.

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