Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Workout August 4, 2010

August 4, 2010

Trying a different tack today. Most treadmills aren't built for guys who run "heavy" at speeds in excess of 8.0 mph and weigh more than 175#. Most of those guys run outside. The way to get around that is to try running on an incline. The impact of footfall is less and you, obviously, can't sustain the same speeds. Now, if you're running on a Woodway, you can run flat pretty easily. Woodways are heavy duty and often used by professional sports teams for cross-training. However, Woodways are hardly common. Regular treadmills made by Precor, LifeFitness or TechnoGym can do a great job of conditioning you without wearing out their shock absorbers if you run on incline. 

At this point I'm 180#. Today we tried the experiment: 

4 miles (30:44 1% incline), 4.26 mi - 34 mins

I wasn't struggling at the end, but had tailed off to below 7.5 mph. Running on an incline burns more calories, works the upper leg muscles more and has less impact on your knees than flat running. Hmm.


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