Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quotidian Workout August 31, 2009

August 31, 2009

Run 4+ mi
Row 1000M
Back Squat X 10
Front Squat X 10
OHS X 10

4.5 mi: 36 mins
1000M - 3:56
Back Squat: 225# X 6
Front Squat: 135# X 8
OHS: 95# X 8

An uninspired day. The run is always tough as I'm adjusting to the Vibram Five Finger shoes. These shoes create a lot of stress on my calves as I have a tendency to overpronate. With Vibrams overpronation will result in all sorts of heel pain. I managed a 7:45mins/per mile pace for 4 miles and then jogged/walked to finish out. With conventional shoes 4 mi have been done sub 28 minutes.

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