Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quotidian Workout 8-30-2009

August 30, 2009

Yesterday was a rest day.
Warm-up with ascending Hang Cleans (65# X 2, 85# X 2, 105# X 2, 135# X 2)
5 X DL @ 150% or better of BW alternate with 10 Dips
Row 1000M + 10 minutes of easy aerobic work.

DL = 315#
1000M = 3:46
10 minutes stairclimber

The rest day must have helped a bunch; was not gassed from the DLs, the 1000M set was bearable, next time should have tried for 2000M at 8:00. The ascending hang cleans get the body ready and "activated" for the heavy DLs. By that logic might be more productive to warm up with ascending power cleans in the future (longer ROM). However, I find that with the hang cleans I focus much more on galvanizing the hips and fuller extension by the traps since I can't depend on my, relatively, stronger lower back.

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