Sunday, July 18, 2010

Workout 7-18-2010

1.25 mi - 8:47 (Woodway EqxPk)

Not allowed to crank up the speeds above 8.6 mph on the TechnoGym treadmills anymore. I guess at my weight it's too much wear and tear. I might languish from boredom, but I wonder if I can do 8 mph for an hour. Hmm. 

OHS - 165# 8, 5
Front Squat - 205x 5, 5, 185# x 8, no rest 135# x 10
In general I'll rest for 45 sec to 1:30 between each set.

Traps still hurt from Friday's pull-centric workout. Not sure what happened to my OHS. A few weeks ago I hit 185# x 8. I think I tweaked my lower, left back and that's made my shoulders and the shoulder girdle area less able to stabilize the weight overhead. Fingers crossed. I hit 205# x 10; I jump to 225#.

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