Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Workout 5-17-2010

Sometimes you just need to get in an out of the gym; and I'm operating on 6 hours of sleep.Consider this my version of a quick leg-centric workout. 

Run 2 miles
Overhead Squat 4 sets
Front Squat 4 sets
One minute rest between each set - maximum
2 miles - 12:52 (the LifeFitness treadmills are a joke, have no relation to actual "groundspeed")

Overhead Squat - 145# x 6, 155# x 5, 6, 7

Front Squat - 175# x 5, 5; 155# x 7, 7

The front squat is the easiest squat technique to learn well. It's the technique most geared towards getting thighs, at least, parallel to the floor or even deeper. The lower you go the more your quads get worked and as an added bonus you're calves get more involved.

Getting an adequate technique on the OHS, let alone mastering it is a personal journey.

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