Friday, August 28, 2009

Quotidian Workout August 28, 2009

August 28, 2009 (183.6#)

75# Front Squat + Push Press ("Thruster") +
75# Hang Clean +
75# Sumo Deadlift Hi-Pulls
10 Rounds or 15 minutes
Row 1000M then 15 minutes of miscellaneous "aerobic" work.

The first round of "Manny" was at 95#, and then I downshifted. The thrusters require a little modification for the grip so you can transition into the push-press portion of the exercise. The Hang Cleans are especially taxing and you have to really move the hips and shrug the traps. Warming up with just a regular barbell before the Mannys (just hang cleans) helps a lot.

Not many (as a %age) really work their traps through a full Range Of Motion ("ROM") and it's very beneficial during Sumo Deadlift Hi-Pulls to go lower in weight but make sure that the bar always touches your nose or comes parallel to your mouth. Full ROM's incremental benefit to any muscle group are tremendous over standard ROMs that are coached/taught. For a rarely used muscle like the trapezius this is especially true.

Partial movements should be used to develop a weakness in a complex movement ("Rack Pulls" are often used to ameliorate weakness on the lockout portion of a deadlift) but otherwise, to this enthusiast they are a waste of time.

1000M = 4:12
11:20, 2000 strides - random eliptical machine (there must be some benefit to this, right?)

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