Sunday, September 9, 2007

What I'm buying - Comics 9-12-2007

After a night of clubbing, I like to sit down with a bagel, muffin and some sort of sugary drink (Gatorade, Powerade, Snapple) and review Diamond's expected shipping list on Sunday mornings. By the way, I went to a club called "Retreat" on 17th St. between 5th and Avenue of the Americas. The club has a lot of wooden furniture which is actually nice but doesn't really go with the chi chi vibe of the place. A Budweiser costs $6, a Heineken costs $7; these are both bottles. I'm not sure if that's reasonable or not, the only two cities I've been in the last few months are NYC and Miami. Neither city is reputed to be bargain-friendly, so keep that in mind.

Regardless, here's what I think I'm getting this week


All Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder #6 - Everybody hates this right, so how come it's routinely selling 100K copies six issues into it's run?

Black Adam: The Dark Age #2 (of 6) - Does anyone draw spookier than Mahnke?

Countdown #33 - I'm in, but not willingly at this point, it's

Fables #65 - best ongoing series in comics, no doubt

Green Lantern #23 - Sinestro Corps is delivering a wonderful event and should get a lot more publicity. It's much better than WWH. I've enjoyed reading reviewers trip over themselves trying to justify the Hulk's actions and Marvel's INCREDULOUS justification that this rampaging Class 100+ being has never caused real casualties.

JLA Wedding Special #1- I'm still a dude even though I'm getting it, right?

Stormwatch PHD #11 - Apparently it's being cancelled with #12, what a shame

Welcome To Tranquility #10 - Neil Googe's art is so beautiful and Gail Simone is one of DC's best writers, no doubt. How are the sales doing on this series?


New Avengers #34 - Marvel's flagship is falling very low

Nova #6 - More cosmic stuff, please, Earth is a crappy place in the Marvel U

Punisher War Journal #11 - Enough of Hatemonger let's get Punny back into the Marvel U

Ultimate Spider-Man #113 -Bendis must be having so much fun doing his cover version of the Lee/Ditko first run on Amazing Spider-Man. Hey, I'm having fun reading it.

X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #1 (of 5) - Someone, anyone, please avenge Corsair.

Alright people. The first Sunday of football season has arrived. My dad can't wait to get home to watch his beloved Jets taken on the Patriots. I imagine a slew of rationalizations will follow as he tries to justify their loss today. I guess we know where I think the game's going.

In a bit.

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