Thursday, September 6, 2007

Jump off the cliff and start flying

So here you are at my little corner of the InterWeb. Is this an exercise in relentless egotism? Umm . . yes. Is this a sincere attempt to document the meanderings and ramblings of a relentless talker? Abostively. Welcome to the last gasp at preserving some vague and distant relative of a creative impulse.

"Nothing is out of bounds"

I'll talk about whatever comes to mind and whatever resonates. We'll find out along the way what sticks, what slides and what, like VD, won't go away.

I'll start with a smattering of top 5s or thereabouts:

All-Time NBA Starting Five
PG - Magic Johnson - Easy
SG - Michael Jordan - Easy
SF - Larry Bird - Easy
PF - Karl Malone - I get the sense that Eligin Baylor may have been the best, but I wasn't around to see him play and have seen very limited amounts of footage.
C - Kareem - Toughest call, Bill Russell's my favorite athlete/social commentator, Wilt and Shaq were uniquely dominant and Hakeem's place in the center pantheon is probably to low. I'm going to go with Kareem because he won 6 MVPS in 10 seasons while playing against the best centers of the 70s and then stayed a near-perennial all-star center in the 80s when he was playing against another wonderful crop of centers, most of whom were 10 years younger than him.

Best MLB Position Players (not in order)
Willie Mays
Babe Ruth
Barry Bonds
Alex Rodriguez
Mickey Mantle
Stan Musial
Honorable mention to Jackie Robinson, my favorite player.

Favorite Guitar Players
Roy Buchanan
Jeff Beck
John McLaughlin
Jimi Hendrix
Stevie Ray Vaughan

Favorite Superheroes (5 ain't enough)
Captain America
Captain Marvel (Shazam!)

But really, is there a superhero I detest or actively dislike? Probably Wolverine.

In a bit.

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