Monday, October 1, 2007

Comics 10-3-2007

Let's do this, sorry for the intermittent posting, I'm going to get back on a (minimum) daily schedule.

Countdown #30
Detective Comics #837
Green Lantern Corps #16 - best crossover going Sinestro Corps
JLA/Hitman #2 (of 2)
Jonah Hex #24
Nightwing #137
The Question: Zen & Violence (the breakout character of the show Justice League Unlimited)
Scalped #10 - This is written by Jason Aaron and has gotten a lot of love within comics. So much so that Marvel had him do a standlone issue of Wolverine (#56 or #55) with Howard Chaykin on pencils which was excellent.

Nothing! - That might be a first

In a bit. More coming . . .

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